Mary Alice Melchor
Mary Alice Melchor
Candidate for Cook County Court Judge
The March 18, 2014 Democratic Primary Election is over. Mary Alice Melchor was not the final winner this time in the Hon. P. Scott Neville Jr. race, but thanks to each and every one of her friends and supporters, SHE WAS A WINNER! In her inaugural campaign to become a judge, Mary Alice Melchor was able to get 18,650 votes in the 50 Chicago wards (13% of votes) and 10,247 votes in the suburban precincts (12% of votes)! Considering a voter turn-out of approximately 16%, that was a great first showing! We all really worked hard!

Thank you again for your hard work! And we will see you next time! Because there will be a next time!!!!!
Mary Alice Melchor

Mailing Address​
Committee to Elect Mary Alice Melchor for Judge
P. O. Box 641323
Chicago, IL 60664
PUNCH #156 ON MARCH 18, 2014!
This website is paid for by the Committee to Elect Mary Alice Melchor.
A copy of the Committee to Elect Mary Alice Melchor report is filed with the State Board of Elections and is available for review on their official website or for purchase from the Board in Springfield, Illinois.
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